About Us

  I founded The Professionals Group in 1988, with the vision to be recognized as the leader in the residential and commercial construction industry, we work throughout the Ottawa and surrounding areas.

    Over the past twenty five years I began to see the decline in qualified trade’s men and woman in most construction industries.  Along with this decline I saw a growing trend, the need for quality designed and built structures.

    With this in mind I established Tiki Hut Paradise in the spring of 2012.  The purpose being to create a business and brand that will set the standard in the industry, supplying wood structures and themed building kits to the residential and commercial construction industry. That same year we became Ontario’s Distributor of
Palmex Thatch Roofing, which has helped tremendously in creating our Tiki Hut Paradise brand.   

     Along with these products Tiki Hut Paradise specializes in the supply of a comprehensive range of natural, and Eco-friendly synthetic building materials such as bamboo poles, fencing,  plywood, slats as well as rope, netting, natural matting etc. to architects, contractors, developers, designers, home-owners, and our growing number of distributors across Canada and United States.

                 So enjoy this site, and take a look at our new Tiki Hut Paradise website.

​                                                          Bringing your dreams to reality is our business.

                                                                                                Owner Bill Prodenchuk

 Owner and Founder

     Bill Prodenchuk

The Professionals Construction 900 Greenbank Road Suite 444 Ottawa Ont. K2J 4P6 (613) 858-4761